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Grant Bosnich

Undesignated Rep.


My name is Grant Bosnich, I am a freshman at Loyola and I am rerunning for USGA as an undesignated senator.  A little about me; I am 6’0” 170 with flowing red hair and a passion for representing students.  I hail from De Pue IL , a small town of 1,800 vibrant, unique persons.  At Loyola, I am currently a senator on USGA, the chair of Academic Affairs (a standing committee of USGA), a member of the Constitutional Review Board (a special committee of USGA), a brother of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and their Scholarship Chair.  Also, this winter I coached a 5th grade girls basketball team at Sacred Heart Schools.  

I have a few simple goals for my prospective 2014-2015 term:

First, I want to increase school spirit, specifically through athletics.  While there are many ways to express love for Loyola, fandom the athletic arena is a great outlet that offers students yet another way to be involved on their campus and show pride for their university.   Also, the athletes, our peers and very hard workers, deserve proper recognition for their triumphs.  Not to mention the new venues Loyola built for the entire community to enjoy.  Therefore, I would like to add the school song to the Univ 101 curriculum.  Every freshman takes the course, so eventually every student will be able to gleefully sing a long.  I would also like to see a big push to increase attendance at Arch Madness.  I attended this year, it was an absolute blast, and every student should attend at least once.  Through those two simple acts, the tradition of school spirit can be increased at Loyola.

Second, I would like the University to revisit their policy regarding accepting credit for currently enrolled students from classes at other institutions, specifically community college summer courses.  Considering national tuition increases and Loyola’s 60% 4-year graduation rate (http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/loyola-university-chicago-1710), the issue should at least be revisited.  If not completely overhauled, I would at least like to see classes accepted for elective credits.  

In this year’s term, I served half as Academic Affairs Committee member and the latter half as the Chair.  I was directly involved in the Course Syllabi Project and I am proud to announce that soon all Loyola syllabi will be available before and during registration.  More recently, the Academic Affairs committee worked closely with Dr. Ruth Gomberg-Munoz of Loyola’s Anthropology department and, together, created a Univ 102 class geared to education around all things immigration. The tentative title is: The 1.5 Generation: Undocumented Youth in Chicago and Beyond.  I look forward to the completion of both these initiatives.  

In short, I would like to serve this student body at least once more.  I believe that I can surpass the success I was lucky enough to experience in my freshman year and hope much of that success is manifested in school spirit and credits for community college summer classes.

Feel free to email me (gbosnich@luc.edu) at any time if you have any questions about my candidacy.  Typically I study on the third floor of Cudahy library, so feel free to seek me there as well.


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