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Matt Kugler

Undesignated Rep.

I Matthew Douglas Kugler, hear by announce my candidacy for the office of undesignated representative. I am running for this office to be your voice in student government, for if Loyola is to truly live up to its values of academic excellence, student leadership, and social justice the students must be active participants.

If elected I will always be open to your suggestions and ideas, and that is why I ask that anyone who wants to talk about the issues that matter to them to stop by Bellarmine 119, and a have chat. Together we can and will have a positive impact not only on Loyola, but in the larger community of which we are a part of by creating more service opportunity’s, reaching out to those who are disenfranchised and always striving to have an open and constructive dialog. I will fight to keep tuition and other costs down; so that we can all make it to graduation with as little debt as possible.

I have the experience to be an effective leader advocating for your interests. I am currently an active member of the USGA, standing on both the Safety and Wellness Committee and Budget Review Board, where I have written and cosponsored legislation. I am the founder and President of a nonprofit corporation, a four year student council representative and officer, the lead organizer of a Hope for Haiti fundraiser, and a member of several other advocacy and service groups. Though our challenge is great I am fully prepared to be your voice in Student Government.

So, I ask that when you cast your seven votes one of them is for me.  I will always be your voice advocating for what you believe in. My fellow students ask not what I can do for you, but what we can do together: get involved, get active, and let’s go change the world.


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