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Unified Student Government Association

Meghan Pazik

Junior Rep.

What is the one thing Loyola needs as a Jesuit University? Students. Loyola would be nothing without its student body. All of us come from different places and we all come here with different perspectives. Add us up, work together, and we are an incredible resource of individuals to make change for Loyola. As a Unified Student Government Association Junior Representative I intend to genuinely and whole-heartedly listen to your voice, to your concerns, and make them a priority to transform the university.

The student concerns have become my concern. Shuttle transportation, safety, campus sustainability, and reinvestment in renewable energy sources are various concerns I stand behind and hope to address as a USGA Junior Representative.

I currently serve as the President and Communications Coordinator of Residence Hall Association (RHA) and the Advertising and Public Relations Chair of Student Environmental Alliance (SEA). During my time serving on the executive board of RHA I have led the organization in large and small group discussion and awareness of campus-wide events and issues, represented Loyola at state and regional conferences, and proposed legislation and documentation for future RHA e-board members. As an e-board member of SEA I have tabled to discuss campus sustainability issues, created advertisements for SEA events, and helped coordinate outreach plans for organizational campaigns. Additionally, I have previously volunteered for Loyola4Chicago and community environmental organizations.

 As a social change and advocacy major my personal mission is not only to understand our duties to advocate for social justice causes, but also act accordingly with communities affected by injustices. Additionally, as a double major of communications and environmental studies, I eventually want to advocate with environmental groups and organizations. My dream job is to work with an environmental advocates group on campaigns, with policy makers and community members to reach solutions on environmental issues and problems. To get there, I will need practice making change in my own community. What better place to start than Loyola?

Loyola is you. You are Loyola’s voice. I am here to listen.


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