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Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates

These teams of candidates have applied to be the President and the Vice President of the 2013-2014 USGA term. Please scroll down to see the Statement of Candidacy for each team. 


Pedro Guerrero and Thomas Serena

Statement of Candidacy
Propel, Foster, and Protect Loyola University Chicago


After an undergraduate career characterized by adamant campus participation, Pedro Guerrero and Thomas Serena have taken all of their campus leadership opportunities and channeled them into their work as ambassadors to the Loyola student population. Theirs is a threefold approach to addressing pressing issues on campus:

1.)   Protect the integrity, dignity, and rights of the students of Loyola University Chicago,

2.)   Foster inter-campus relationships between students and administration, and,

3.)   Propel and support current initiatives that best contribute to the development of all students.


Tuition has long been a pressing topic concerning LUC students. When looked at objectively, expecting the administration to lower tuition after petitioning by students is unfeasible, considering many factors, namely, the rates of inflation and costs of upkeep to the school. In addition to seeking ways to lower rates of increasing tuition, Pedro and Thomas vow to look into a bi-annual tuition increase system that would be promulgated with written and timely notice by the administration. Under this system, all Freshmen and Junior students will see an increase in tuition biannually, where Sophomores, Seniors, and 5th years would be protected from the rates of inflation, thus giving more money and more chances to apply to graduate schools. Considering this, Pedro and Thomas vow to encourage conversation with the administration and explore other outlets that may contribute to lower rates of increased tuition, higher student scholarships, and increased federal funding.


Let’s face it, apathy runs rampant within the student body. With a lack of support for institutions within the greater university on the part of the students, Pedro and Thomas want to foster stronger inter-campus relationships between students and the administration. Through the reformation of the CAN program, student organizations will be enabled not only to collaborate, but to help each other reach their full potentials. Even more, fostering a genuine care between each student will serve to bolster the friendships and the memories that we will always have as graduates of Loyola University Chicago. It is imperative that students learn to grow and live with love and care for one another. Through the implementation of campus-wide events, more specifically, tailgates, Pedro and Thomas vow to create an environment open to the fostering of this genuine care.


As Chicago’s Jesuit University it is imperative that LUC stands by its morals and initiatives. By supporting the development and advancement of The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF), Pedro and Thomas will work to ensure a better future for Loyola in the years after graduation. Seeing as how greener initiatives are beginning to set the university apart from all the others, Pedro and Thomas will maximize Loyola’s role as an example for other universities to follow.

The Candidates

Pedro Guerrero’s (Presidential Candidate) involvement has influenced many different facets of Loyola University Chicago. As the son of two immigrant parents, he has been endowed with ambition and determination that goes unrivaled by any other students on campus. He has faithfully served as a USGA senator for three years, sitting on the Justice Committee during the campaign for the removal of bottled water on campus, as well as serving as the Community Co-Chair aiming to promote inter-Senate unity. His involvement goes beyond the campus as he currently serves Centro Romero as a tutor through Loyola4Chicago, LUC’s service club, has been a prominent voice for undocumented student rights on capitol hill in Washington, D.C., and has even had the opportunity to make physical improvements to the John Felice Rome Center during his time there in the Fall Semester of 2012.

Thomas Serena (Vice Presidential Candidate) has been involved in USGA in various capacities at Loyola. He began as chair of the Safety and Wellness Committee working with campus police and the Wellness Center to make sure the health and well-being of the student community remained at its best. From there, he was elected Chief of Student Organizations, chairing the Campus Activities Network and working with registered student organizations to help them succeed to their highest capacity. He has been in seven different organizations at Loyola and wants nothing more than become the Vice-President of Student government in what would be the climax of his undergraduate career.



Adam Jaber and Aisosa “Sosy” Omorogbe

Statement of Candidacy


Ladies and Gentlemen of Loyola,

We are excited to announce our candidacy for your next student body president and vice president! Before enrolling at Loyola, I was a student at UIC for reasons I have yet to comprehend. Having seen how another area school operates, I have a sincere appreciation for Loyola, and I'm dedicated to promoting what I believe is the best college in this city. My running mate and I won't waste your time spamming you with empty promises and fancy metaphors. Instead, we have seven goals I know we can reach together as a community.

1) Promote the increased safety of ALL Loyola students.

2) Increased transparency between the administration and student body with regards to finances.

3) Extend Corboy Library hours.

4) Extend shuttle service hours.

5) Provide greater support to Loyola Student Organizations.

6) Charging future Loyola applicants an application fee.

7) Recruit more international students to increase diversity and revenue 

Ending business hours at Corboy Library at 9pm is a disservice to all Loyolans. It forces many students who live near downtown to venture to our Lakeshore campus or elsewhere. Ending our shuttle service at midnight forces students onto the infamous Red Line, which according to recent research by the Chicago Tribune is the most frequently criminally targeted CTA line in the city. The time we spend moving around the city could be better applied to studying a little bit harder, or even sleeping a little bit longer. It's in this vain we propose an extension of Corboy's hours in addition to longer shuttle hours. Both changes would undoubtedly lead to a safer and more productive campus.

Building upon our commitment to safety, we must acknowledge that campus security has been jeopardized this semester. Muggings of Loyola students cannot become the status quo. For this reason, we support extending 8Ride hours from 6PM - 2AM to 8PM - 4AM. This would result in a zero-sum added cost to the university, while promoting the increased safety our student body.

Investing in facilities and infrastructure for future students is an important task, though doing so should not be done at the expense of those currently enrolled. While I will not pretend to hold any sway or influence over how the administration spends its money, we do have the right to know where each dollar is allocated. The administration should be obligated to inform students about where money is being spent, and where they plan to spend it. At the end of the day, you have the right to know how much of your money is being spent on you.

Loyola should charge an application fee. With 21,000 students applying to the university, a $30 fee would add $630,000 to our coffers; money we could use to support our various student organizations. Investing to strengthen our student groups will help strengthen us as a university.

If elected to represent you, we promise to stubbornly support the Loyola Student body. As members of both the Downtown and Lakeshore campuses, we will leave no student behind. We are running because we have a vision for a safer, more convenient campus that supports our growth as intellectuals and young professionals. With your help I know we can actually get these things done. So if what we're saying interests you, if you're concerned about how your tuition is being spent, or your safety as a student, and if you're looking for a campus more in tune to your needs as a student, we would appreciate your support, but more importantly your vote.



Adam Jaber and Aisosa “Sosy” Omorogbe


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