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Residence Life and Dining Committee

The Residence Life and Dining Committee acts as a liaison between Loyola Dining and Residence Life administration and students.

Within this context we attempt to advocate on behalf of the opinions and needs of students. We advocate for students by presenting their opinions to administrators and then work to develop solutions to solve these concerns.  Secondly, our committee acts as a resource to both students and administrators in helping to unify goals and agendas to the greater benefit of the university.

In order to most directly fulfill these goals, we host the new Cuisine Team meetings along with Aramark bi-monthly in various dining halls.  These meetings give both the students and Loyola Dining administrators the chance to converse about the ups and downs of the dining on campus.  During these meetings, students are invited to voice their concerns, put forth their ideas, or simply learn more about Dining matters on campus. In the area of residence life, we meet with residence life director and are working to grow our relationship with the Residence Hall Association (RHA) to work cooperatively on residence life issues.

For more information about the Residence Life and Dining Committee, or to get involved, please contact the Committee Chair, Michael Flowers.

The Latest News from the Residence Life and Dining Committee:

- Wrapping up smoking research and possible proposals is being worked on.

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For a full list of member information, please reference the committee section of the 2014-2015 Fall Member Directory.


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