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Set File Permissions

Orion Directories

Orion Directories

Web pages must be in the proper directory to become available to browsers.


Naming Files and Directories

Files and directories should not contain any spaces, special characters or capital letters. The underscore (_) or the hyphen (-) can be used to maintain word separation if needed.


Setting Directory Rights

Your subdirectory must provide execute rights to outside users. For departmental web pages, the subdirectory created for you will already have those rights. If you create other subdirectories beneath that, you will need to set the rights on those subdirectories.

Setting directory rights using Filezilla:

Setting directory rights using PuTTY

For personal web pages you will need to modify both your home directory and your .web subdirectory. If you're using PuTTY, use the following two commands (from your home directory):

chmod 755 .
chmod 755 .web

An explanation of the numbers 755:

To archive a directory so its contents are not indexed by the Loyola search or viewable to the public, set directory rights to 700.


Setting File Rights

Web files need to provide read access to others.

Setting File Rights using Filezilla

Setting File Rights using PuTTY, use the following command:

chmod 644 filename

Example: chmod 644 index.html

An explanation of the numbers 644:

To archive a file so it is not indexed by the Loyola search or viewable to the public, set file rights to 600.

Multiple Authors

Access can be provided for more than one person to write to your pages if editing responsibilities will be distributed among others in your department. Please contact webmaster@luc.edu to request that a "group" be set up. Please include the full names of each individual for whom you are requesting access.

See Basic Unix Commands for more information about working on the Orion server.


Web Support
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