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NewWeb Project

The NewWeb Project was designed to create a university Website that will (a) better convey a consistent university image and identity; and (b) serve as a more effective tool to support student recruitment, fundraising, relationship-building and other strategic goals. It also aims to build a broader, more effective and more consistent Web culture at Loyola.

The NewWeb team has been implementing (and completing) the following specific steps to achieve a new Web model that integrates professional, strategic direction and support with broad yet systematic participation across the university:

  • Increase the university's professional Web resources to better enable the development, management and maintenance of an effective, high-quality university-wide Website.
  • Formalize design standards, Web templates, content and style guidelines, and other appropriate resources to achieve a unified Loyola look and user-friendly functionality.
  • Define and distribute Web responsibilities university-wide through a new network of client-appointed content coordinators, establish a Site Content Coordinator Council and provide other resources for ongoing Web education, collaboration and problem-solving.

Site Content Coordinators

To implement the new model of broader yet structured Web responsibility across the university, each major client (e.g., school, division, department and other key site owners) will be asked to appoint a Site Content Coordinator who will be accountable for assigned Web duties, under the direction of the university's Web team of staff from Marketing Communication Services (MCS) and Information Technology & Services (ITS).

Site Content Coordinator job description (PDF)

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