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How do I upload Web pages?
Read LUC Web 101: How do I transfer files?.

Why don't my pages show up on the Web after I upload them to Orion?
Read LUC Web 101: How do I set file permissions?.
Check file names: file names are case-sensitive and should not have spaces.

Whom should I contact if I'm having trouble uploading pages?

I forgot my Orion ID, how do I get it reset?

  • E-mail the helpdesk at helpdesk@luc.edu.
  • Call the Helpdesk at 4-4444 (on-campus) or 773-508-7190 (off-campus).
  • Fill out the ITS Support Center Service request form.

I am responsible for maintaining a university department or student organization site. How do I go about updating the pages?

I haven't logged in to Orion in a while—where can I find a refresher on Unix commands?

I am the Site Content Coordinator for a department. What should our site include?
Refer to the Loyola Web Style Guide.

How do I put a form on my Website?
Read LUC Web 101: How do I add a web form?.

How do I add a search option to my Website?
Read LUC Web 101: How do I add a site search?.

How can I make my Website only available internally?
Read LUC Web 101: How do I restrict access?.

How can my Website be password protected?
Read LUC Web 101: How do I restrict access?.

How do I create a personal page?
See the page on publishing personal pages.

Where can I post teaching materials online?
You can use Sakai, Loyola's online course management system. Detailed information about Sakai can be found at http://www.luc.edu/itrs/teachingwithtechnology/sakai/index.shtml.

How can I use the university logo on my Website?
See Web Style Guide: Graphics and Logos.

Where can I get copyright information?
Please visit www.luc.edu/resources/copyright/.

How do I get statistics for my site?
Read LUC Web 101: How do I get Web stats?.

I'm registering a special URL for my organization or department. Can you set up a virtual host for me?
Web Support doesn't set up virtual hosts for Loyola groups, except in special circumstances. Please contact webmaster@luc.edu with any questions or concerns.

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