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Official University Web Colors

The official Loyola colors are maroon, gold and black. For consistency in print, these colors are specified as Pantone (PMS) colors. (See university Graphic Indentity Standards on Loyola colors.)

Web color is based on a different system than print, and a number of variables influences how color appears from one computer screen to the next. The colors used on Loyola sites are based on the PMS colors used in print publications, but are specified using an RGB color model and hexadecimal values. Most of the color choices for Loyola Web pages are already defined in the style sheets for university Web templates, and Web developers should reference the appropriate style.

Official University Web Colors

ColorNameHex ValueRGB Value
Maroon (PMS 208)#a30046163, 0,70
Gold (PMS 124)#eeb211238, 178, 17
Black#0000000, 0, 0

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