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With university Web templates in place for official Loyola pages, Web developers and Site Content Coordinators can devote more time to creating and maintaining quality site content. The value of any site depends on the information presented, and accurate, up-to-date site content reflects positively on the site owner and university. Contact John Drevs, Web Content Manager, with any questions about Web content.


  1. Identify single sources of content. Use the same sources for web pages that are used for other purposes, such as printed materials.
  2. Whenever possible, use "includes" to publish information repeated throughout your site, so that making a change in one file will update the information everywhere the include is referenced.
  3. Only post content that you "own" and are able to maintain. For example, instead of posting tuition information on a school site, create a link to the Office of the Bursar's tuition page. The Bursar will ensure that this information is kept up-to-date because tuition costs are relevant to its work.
  4. Appoint a Site Content Coordinator. This person will serve as the key point of contact for the site, coordinate all corrections, facilitate regular reviews of site content, ensure continuing site maintenance, and be your liason to the NewWeb Team and ongoing web support.
  5. Schedule regular reviews of site content to ensure accuracy of information. Pay close attention to:
    • personnel changes
    • deadlines or dated information
    • locations, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses
    • course descriptions and numbers
    • academic requirements

Content Outline Templates

Use the following content outlines as guides when developing a Loyola School or Academic Department Website:

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