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The NewWeb Team at Loyola has developed a set of university Web templates to ensure consistent design and navigation across the Loyola Website.   Certain templates are more generic while others are reserved for specific uses, but all have elements that visually connect the page with the main university site, and are not to be altered.

To aid in this effort, the Serena Collage Content Management System (CMS) is being implemented for all Loyola Web pages.   Examples of the templates that available in CMS are listed below by category along with an explanation of how they should be used.

As we move pages from the Orion server into the new CMS, a member of the NewWeb team will work with you to provide the appropriate template(s), set up the necessary directory structure and make sure you have the proper training in CMS to develop your site.

School and College

This template is approved for use on Loyola school and college sites. The home page features rotating profiles of "Extraordinary Lives" that exemplify the Loyola Promise, and a directory-style navigation that organizes information by topic and for audience(s). The level-two (L2) and level-three (L3) pages maintain the header from the home page, and present contexual navigation.

Directory Site - Content Rich


The Directory Site Template is used for sites with extensive content—Web Support is a perfect example. The home page is customized with a horizontal photo in the header and an identifying photo in the left column. This template has very close visual ties to the school and college template. The inner (L2) page maintains the home page header, providing quick access to interior site pages with the left-column navigation, and to top-level Loyola pages with the common navigation bar at the top of the page.

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Departments – Academic and Administrative

The Department Home Template is approved for use by academic and administrative departments, offices, programs, etc. With approval from the NewWeb/Web Support team, it can also be used by other official sites that benefit from a customized introductory page. (The General Template is also appropriate for use as a site's home page.) The department home page contains a customized photo bar, an opening paragraph or two, a bulleted navigation list, and key links or other timely announcements in the left column space. Keeping the page elements in visual balance (i.e., maintaining concise navigation and reasonable text length) is essential for this design to be effective.

General Template

The General Template is the most common Loyola page template. It is appropriate for use by academic or other special programs, and is an option available for use by departments. It can be customized with photos in the body of the page to establish a site's identity. When used by a department, the footer, left navigation and logo all reflect its identity.

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Simple Template

The Simple Template is appropriate for pages that display content only, and don't need site-specific navigation in a left column. The Simple Template is most often used for special university announcements, or for layouts requiring increased page width.

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