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Collaboration Tools

Hosts and presenters (and participants who have been given rights) use the Share pod to display content and engage with attendees:

  • Share Your Screen: Selected items on your computer screen, including one or more open windows, one or more open applications, or the entire desktop. 
  • Share a Document or PDF: A document, such as a presentation, Adobe PDF file, FLV file, a JPEG, or other file format. Except for PDFs, all documents shared in the Share pod can be viewed but not downloaded by attendees. To enable attendees to download non-PDF documents, a host or presenter must instead use the File Share pod.
  • Share a Whiteboard: A whiteboard with a variety of writing and drawing tools. You can share a stand-alone whiteboard, or a whiteboard overlay that appears on top of other shared content.
  • Display a Web Page: During meetings, hosts or presenters may want participants to view websites. You can use the Web Links pod to force attendees’ browsers to open a designated URL.
  • Taking Notes: Hosts and presenters use a Notes pod to take meeting notes that all attendees can see. It remains visible in a Notes pod throughout the meeting or until a presenter edits the note or displays a different note.
  • Chat: Use the Chat pod to communicate with other attendees while a meeting is in progress. If you have a question and do not want to disturb the meeting flow, you can send a chat message to another meeting participant.
  • Questions and Answers: You can use a Q & A pod to answer questions posed by attendees. When a presenter answers a question, the question and answer appear as pairs in the Q & A pod.
  • Polling: Hosts and presenters can use the Poll pod to create questions, or polls, for participants and to view the results. Only hosts and presenters control poll management and how polls appear to meeting participants. Hosts can also cast votes.

Installing the Connect Add-in

Presenters and hosts must install the Connect Add‑in the first time they attempt to upload content or share a screen. The Add‑in is a special version of Flash Player with additional features for hosts and presenters. The Add‑in provides support for uploading files to the server and sharing screens during a meeting. It also provides additional audio support.

Note: If you have a pop‑up blocker enabled in your browser, the dialog box for downloading the Add‑in will not appear. To correct this problem, temporarily disable the pop‑up blocker.

Organizing Pods

Hosts can show and hide, add, delete, rearrange, and organize pods. More than one instance of a pod (except the Attendees and Video pods) can be displayed in a meeting at the same time.

Show or hide a pod

  • To show a pod, select it from the Pods menu. (For pods that can have multiple instances, select the instance name from the submenu.)
  • A check mark appears next to the name of pods that are currently visible in the meeting.
  • To hide a pod, deselect it in the Pods menu. Or click the menu icon  in the upper-right corner of the pod, and choose Hide.

Add a pod

  1. In the menu bar, select Pods and select the name of a pod.
  2. From the pod submenu, select New [pod name] Pod.

Move and resize pods

  1. In the menu bar, select Pods > Move And Resize Pods. A check mark appears next to the option when it is selected.
  2. To move a pod, drag it by its title bar. To resize a pod, drag the lower-right corner.

Display a pod at maximum size

When you maximize a pod, it expands to fill the current browser window.

  1. In the upper-right corner of the pod, click the menu icon , and select Maximize.
  2. To restore the pod to its original size, click the menu icon again, and select Restore.

To expand the Share pod beyond the current browser window to the edge of the display, click the Full Screen button.

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