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Creating a Meeting

Create Meetings

You create meetings in Adobe Connect Central. To incorporate registration as part of your meeting, you will use the "Event Management" tab. Additional information about Event Management is available later in this site.

You can create meeting rooms that you return to repeatedly for your own use, and leave persistent content in the meeting room.

1. Create an audio profile (for audio conferences)

Use the My Audio Profiles window (My Profile > My Audio Profiles) to configure an audio profile to use with an audio conference. Audio profiles use the conference settings associated with the selected audio provider to start the audio conference. See Create and use audio profiles.

2. Start the Meeting wizard

You have two options for starting the Meeting wizard. To create the meeting in your individual My Meetings folder, navigate to the Adobe Connect Central home page, find the Create New menu bar, and click Meeting. To create your meeting in another folder for which you have Manage permission, navigate to that folder in the Meetings library and click the New Meeting button.

Two Options for Starting the Meeting Wizard

3. Enter meeting information

On the first page of the Meeting wizard, enter details about the meeting. These details include a name, custom URL, summary, date, duration, template, language, access restrictions, and audio conference settings. (Only the name and language are required.) If available, you can select an audio profile from the pop-up menu instead of manually entering audio conference settings. For more information about audio profiles, see Create and use audio profiles.

4. Select meeting participants

Use the Available Users And Groups list to add participants. Search for participants by name and expand groups to select individuals in the group. If you want, assign roles by selecting participant names and clicking Permissions from the bottom of the current participants list. Then, proceed to the final step of sending invitations or exit the wizard to send invitations later.

5. Send invitations

The wizard guides you through two separate processes, depending on whether the meeting is open to registered users only or to anyone. If the former, you select Send Invitations, select a group to invite (for example, hosts only), and edit the text that appears in the e‑mail. You have the option of including a Novell GroupWise (listed as Microsoft Outlook) appointment. If the latter, you click Send E‑Mail Invitations, which opens your e‑mail application, and add invitees to the distribution list of your e‑mail message.

Video Tutorial

The following video from Adobe TV includes a full overview of how to create a meeting:


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