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Troubleshooting Audio

Enable Audio and Microphone

To turn on audio and microphones, click the respective icons in the top center area of the screen. When green, the feature is enabled, when grey, it will be disabled. When the microphone is active but muted, it will appear with a slash through the icon. Click the arrow beside these to mute, disconnect or adjust volumes.

I have been granted rights to speak, but no one can hear me

If you are having trouble sharing your voice try the following tasks:

  1. Make sure your computer microphone is not muted.
  2. Run through the Audio Setup Wizard. To do this, select Meeting > Audio Setup Wizard. The wizard guides you through five steps in which your computer is tuned for optimal sound and voice capabilities.
  3. You may have elected to deny the Flash Player access to your computer’s microphone. To verify this, right click in the meeting window and choose Settings to view your Flash Player settings. In the dialog box, choose Allow.

I cannot hear any audio

  1. Verify that your computer speakers are on and your computer’s volume is at an audible level.
  2. Check to see if the meeting host has provided teleconference information. If this is the case, you need to dial in via telephone to hear meeting audio.

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