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Psychological/Behavioral Emergencies

On rare occasion, you may find yourself with a student who is experiencing extreme distress so as to pose a possible danger to themselves or others. Such cases are psychological/behavioral emergencies that require immediate intervention. Signs of an emergency include:

If the student is in significant distress but not in a life-threatening situation, call 44-911 for assistance and ask to speak with the Wellness Center's on-call mental health professional. Please leave a phone number where you maybe reached and the on-call mental health professional will call it as soon as possible.

General Guidelines for Managing a Psychological/Behavioral Emergency 

If the crisis is life threatening or if the student's behavior is extreme:

If you feel threatened or intimidated:

These verbal intervention tips may help you: 

Remain calm
Isolate the situation
Enforce the limits
Be aware of non verbals
Be consistent
Get in a power struggle
Make false promises
Fake attention
Be threatening
Use jargon

Support After the Emergency


If you have made a referral to the Wellness Center, it is understandable that you might want to follow-up to see how the student is doing. Because of the importance of a student's right to privacy, professional standards of confidentiality and privileged communication laws bind the mental health professionals at the Wellness Center to strict confidentiality including whether a student kept an appointment or is being seen at the Center. However, if a student wishes that a mental health professional talk with you, the student must ask to sign a release of information form.


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