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Wellness Center

Wellness Advocates

Loyola's Peer Health Educators


2015-2016 Advocates

President: Zoe Fisher
Vice President: Saffia Bajwa
Secretary: Roxy Cundiff
Public Relations: Zil Gharia

General Members: Aimee Alexoff, Loraine Arikat, Tiffany Bartucci, Allison Bouck, Gina Chan, Shivani Chopra, Kristie Ford, Sam Garrison, Samreen Hassan, Katie Kazimir, Natalie Kryzston, Kaitlyn Peters, Ariba Raza, Shelly Shibu, Dasha Tumashov, Matthew Van de Venter, Ivy Yip

Advisor: Mary Duckett

Mission Statement

The Wellness Advocates are a team of volunteer, peer health educators dedicated to helping students achieve optimal health and well-being. Wellness Advocates raise awareness of current college health issues and promote healthy lifestyle choices among all students through creative and interactive education programs, advocacy, and leadership. Their efforts enhance a healthy campus culture and encourage individual responsibility for personal and community wellness. 

Health Topics

The Wellness Advocates currently address issues of alcohol, stress management, nutrition, and sexual health. You may be familiar with some of the Wellness Advocates programs, like Alcohol Awareness Week and their Sleep Workshop, or maybe you saw them in your residence hall presenting on a specific health topic.


Wellness Advocate Responsibility

The expectations of Wellness Advocates include, but are not limited to: 

  • Committing to the program for at least two semesters
  • Attending a two-day training program the week before classes begin in August
  • Attending all weekly meetings
  • Mastering material on selected health topics
  • Participating in evening and weekend programs as needed
  • Meeting established programming requirements
  • Creating and implementing promotional/marketing strategies
  • Representing the Wellness Advocate program and Wellness Center in a professional manner
  • Serving as a productive member of the team
  • Maintaining a minimum 2.5 GPA or better (3.0 for Executive Board members)

Program Requests/Forms

Are you looking to put on a health related program?  The Wellness Advocates are a great addition to your programming needs!  We can help design a program, provide accurate information and up to date statistics, or help facilitate your discussions.  If you would like to request our assistance, please fill out and return the Wellness Advocate Program Request Form .

After you have downloaded and completed the form, email the form to wellnessadvocates@luc.edu and you will here back regarding your request shortly.

We do ask that requests be sent at least 14 days prior to your intended program date in order to plan accordingly. 

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