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Wolf + Kettle Day

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Student Philanthropy Program

The Student Philanthropy Program offers a means for students to learn about the importance and impact of giving to both Loyola and non- Loyola initiatives. As members of the Student Philanthropy Council, the leadership of the program, students get an in-depth look at Loyola University Chicago’s fundraising efforts.

Members of the council help communicate the goals, purpose, and programs of the Advancement Division of Loyola, and they employ creative and fun programs to engage students and get them involved in philanthropy. Their purposes include:

  • Create awareness about what alumni gifts do for students
  • Help students get involved in the Loyola University Chicago community
  • Foster a spirit of philanthropy with students before graduation
  • Offer significant experience in marketing, public relations, and event planning
  • Achieve a greater understanding of University development among students

This year Student Philanthropy Council has put on the following events to help spread awareness on the importance of giving:

In the Fall:
Refugee Outreach Clothing Drive
Homecoming Photobooth
Homecoming Parade
Senior Donor Kick-off
In the Spring:
W&K Day
Generosity Week
Community Food Drive
Follow the Student Philanthropy Program at Facebook.com/SPPLUC or Twitter: @SppLuc
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