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Faculty Services:

Classroom Visits: A Writing Tutor will visit your classroom during the first few weeks of the semester to introduce WC services to your students. The tutor can show students how to register in the scheduling system, how to make and cancel an appointment, and point out writing resources available on our web page. The visiting tutor will describe what to expect from and how to prepare for a face-to-face or online tutoring session.

To schedule a Classroom Visit, contact Assistant Director Brandiann Molby at bmolby@luc.edu.

Classroom Workshops: Contact the Writing Center to schedule a writing workshop for your students. These workshops are conducted in your classroom during your scheduled class time by the WC Director, Assistant Director, graduate students, or senior undergraduates. We can run a workshop many writing-related topics: constructing a clear thesis, correctly citing sources, avoiding plagiarism, or writing coherent paragraphs. We will tailor the session to meet your needs, from 20 minutes to an entire class period.

To schedule a Classroom Workshop, contact Director Amy Kessel at akessel@luc.edu.

Writing Assistance for Graduate Students: The graduate student tutors on our staff can provide the level of feedback necessary for graduate work. If one of your grad students needs encouragement or assistance in the writing process, or an audience or a second pair of eyes for his or her work, recommend one of our graduate tutors (see the “Graduate Tutor Bios” link).

Writing Assistance for Faculty or Staff: If your work needs a “second pair of eyes” for proofing or reader feedback, our advanced graduate tutors are available for that service. Contact Brandiann Molby at bmolby@luc.edu or Amy Kessel at akessel@luc.edu.