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Graduate Tutor Biographies

David Macey

Assistant Director

David Macey is the Assistant Director of the Writing Center for the 2014-15 academic year and a PhD student in the English department. He researches the trashy literature of the 16th and 17th centuries. Before coming to Loyola, he completed an MFA in Creative Writing. He misses manatees and alligators.

Specialties: Literature, History, Philosophy, ESL, Creative Writing

Availability: Tuesday 2-5 and Thursday 1-4,‌ WTC

Nina Berman


Graduate Tutor

English Dept. 

Specialties: Brainstorming, Structural Organization, Textual Analysis and Synthesis

Hobbies/Interests: Dj-ing at WLUW, making needlepoints, riding my bicycle

Availability: Tuesdays 1:30-3:30, LSC

Vicki Bolf

Vicki Bolf is a Ph.D. candidate in the English department at Loyola. She studies Latina/o literature, 20th century transnational literature, and feminism and gender studies. She is also a manager at the Loyola Community Literacy Center (luc.edu/literacy). In her free time she likes to swim, bike, run, cook, and read celebrity gossip blogs (sometimes)

Hours: Monday 1-3, WTC

Lydia Craig

Lydia Craig is a first year student in the Graduate English program. Areas of academic interest include Early Modern drama, Victorian literature and sensation fiction, and European military/maritime history. Favorite pastimes include painting, writing biographies and novels, hiking, and traveling to obscure locations. She thinks The Idiot by Dostoevsky is the most incredible book ever, partly because recommending it to someone sounds offensive.

Specialties: English and World Literature, History, Research Papers, Citation Format, Creative Writing, and Textual Analysis

Availability: Thursday 1-3, LSC

Lyle Enright

Lyle Enright is a first-year doctoral student in the English department at Loyola. His main interests are the contemporary novel, modern poetry, philosophy of literature and religion, and Christian theology. Before coming to Loyola, Lyle did work in the small press sphere with such publications as Relief, Catapult, Cruentus Libri and Lovecraft eZine, and he loves opportunities to work with creative writing. Lyle has a special love for the modern horror story, and is always browsing Netflix for anything that appeals to his interests in the macabre. He is also an over-competitive DOTA 2 player, and frequently causes his wife to suffer as a result.

Availability: Thursday 10-1, LSC

Isaac Ewuoso

Isaac Ewuoso is currently a paralegal student at the Water Tower Campus. He formerly served as an AmeriCorps member at the Circuit Court of Cook County. His favorite sport is Soccer. He likes watching and playing Soccer when he can. His favorite satire is George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

Specialties: Brainstorming ideas, Paper outlining, Paper organization, Research Papers, Legal Research & Writing

Hours: Wednesday 1:00-3:30, WTC

Carly Francis

Carly Francis is a first-year graduate student in the Master’s/Dietetic Internship Program. As an aspiring Registered Dietitian, her main goal is to teach hands-on nutrition education programs to help establish healthy lifestyles, with a focus on children and their families. In her spare time, Carly enjoys baking and experimenting with healthy alternatives, any outdoor activities, watching or playing sports, and spending time with family and friends.

Hours: Wednesday 11-2 Water Tower Campus

Rick Gilbert

Rick Gilbert is a first year doctoral student in English.  His primary interest is the representation of violence in drama, which bleeds into the intersection of theory and practice, performance studies, reception (and reader-response) theory, and watching as many plays as he can squeeze the time for.  Being a student is a break in a career designing violence for the stage and training actors to fight, which he has been doing here in Chicago for quite some time. When he has time to indulge hobbies, he trains in Western Martial Arts, plays games, and power-watches entire seasons of TV shows.

Availability: Tuesday and Thursday 10 am -1:30 pm, LSC

Charles Greene

Charles Greene is a first year student in the Graduate English program. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, he has lived in a variety of places both domestically and abroad over the last 20 or so years. His main academic interests is James Joyce's Ulysses. Non-academic interests include (but are not limited to) the visual arts, foreign languages, and visiting foreign countries.

Availability: Sunday 1-3pm, LSC

Kelsey Henke

Kelsey Henke is a second year student in the Sociology department, focusing on social and economic inequality in localism movements. Her non-academic interests include rock climbing, avocados, lava lamps, and Parks and Recreation.

Hours: Wednesday 3-5, LSC

Silas Morgan

Silas is currently an Arthur J. Schmitt Fellow in the Department of Theology at Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois. He is also the Political Theology section editor at Syndicate.  His dissertation research explores the relation of ideology to theology in political-theological perspectives, with close intersectional analysis from both critical theory and Continental philosophy of religion. But he’s not just an egghead. He’s been reading The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides for the last five months, but doesn’t like it. His pastime du jour is laughing at his newborn son, Elliott James. 

Availability: Monday 10-12, LSC


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