Loyola University Chicago

Women's Studies and Gender Studies

Graduate Core Courses

The Women's Studies and Gender Studies program offers two core courses on the graduate level. One is required for the certificate; both are required for the M.A. degree. The Women's Studies and Gender Studies program also offers a specialized course on the graduate level, a practicum course, and an independent study option. These courses are offered in addition to graduate level courses that are offered by other departments cross-listed with WSGS.

WSGS 401. History of Feminist Thought: 1790-1970

This course takes a historical look at the development of feminist thought and at the impact of feminism on the general culture. Students study the various ways feminists have envisioned the harms women suffer and the remedies feminists have struggled for.

WSGS 402. Intellectual and Institutional Foundations of Women's Studies

This seminar investigates how ideas about women, gender and sexuality have developed paying particular attention to education as an enterprise of both knowledge and institutions and how knowledge itself has been defined in terms of gender. The course focuses on three related practices: transforming knowledge, transforming disciplines and transforming institutions.

WSGS 450. Elective Course: Global Feminism

WSGS 450 fulfills the multicultural requirement for the Masters degree. This course takes a comparative approach to feminism in the global context, covering at least two and ideally three or more cultures, ethnicities, or geographical regions. As WSGS 450 functions as a variable topic course, students may take the course as many times as they want as long as it is formally determined by the constituent committee to be a different topic.