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BROAD Magazine

BROAD Magazine is a community- and student-created, digital publication supported by Loyola University Chicago Staff and Faculty. First established in 2010 by graduate assistant J. Curtis Main, the magazine was formerly known as "The Weekly Digest," then "Digest magazine." With a new name and a new design by the 2012-2013 team, BROAD Magazine is continuing in the tradition of providing spaces for student, activist, and community discourse on a BROAD range of topics related to feminism and social justice, while also seeking to increase our visibility and readership by enhancing our aesthetic appeal. 

The mission and vision of BROAD Magazine remain the same as its previous incarnation as Digest Magazine, and we continue to support the mission and vision of the Women's Studies & Gender Studies Department at Loyola University Chicago.

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BROAD's Mission:   

BROAD's mission is to connect the WSGS program with communities of students, faculty, and staff at Loyola and beyond, continuing and extending the program's mission. We provide space and support for a variety of voices while bridging communities of scholars, artists, and activists. Our editorial mission is to provoke thought and debate in an open forum characterized by respect and civility.

the WSGS Mission:

Founded in 1979, Loyola’s Women’s Studies Program is the first women’s studies program at a Jesuit institution and has served as a model for women’s studies programs at other Jesuit and Catholic universities. Our mission is to introduce students to feminist scholarship across the disciplines and the professional schools; to provide innovative, challenging, and thoughtful approaches to learning; and to promote social justice.

the Name BROAD:

The word "broad" has been used in many idioms and phrases related to women, and even came to signify a derogatory term used as a noun in place of the word "woman." However, the true meaning of the word "broad" is: "covering a large number and wide scope of subjects or areas; having or incorporating a wide range of meanings; including or coming from many people of many kinds." These true definitions are precisely what we aim to engender in our magazine. Thus, we seek to reclaim this word, liberating it from its negative connotations and elevating it to be considered a term of esteem.

"A feminist is a person who answers 'yes' to the question 'Are women human?' Feminism is not about whether women are better than, worse than or identical with men...It's about justice, fairness, and access to the broad range of human experience." ~Katha Pollitt


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