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Color Contacts

Color Contacts is a regular column by Nlw, who focuses on race and gender.  Nlw first appeared in the Living In Color 2011 special themed issue with "Interracial Dating Diversity," and due to her rich perspectives and interest in continuing to contribute, we developed her column.  The name "color contacts" considers how many societies and people view the world "in color."  As Nlw lives in the South and is not a member of Loyola University Chicago, as are many of the other columnists, she offers insights and reflections into life and experience that Digest magazine and its readers can appreciate and learn from. 

As a black woman who grew up in a predominantly white Southern environment, Nlw has a unique perspective on the dominant white culture and the black middle class experience. Growing up, Nlw was the only black person in her class most of the time and one of a few black families in her neighborhood. She has experienced discrimination from both blacks and whites and considers herself blessed to have had these experiences to draw from. Nlw does not presume to be colorblind, but rather recognizes the beauty in diversity in her friendships and family. She is an avid reader and lover of music, movies and popular culture. Nlw has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Masters degree of Health Administration, and hopes to someday work in health policy or research.

Click here to view a PDF of contributor guidelines; email questions/submissions to Brandie: bmadrid@luc.edu.

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