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Inside R Out?

Inside R Out? is a regular column by Digest magazine's creator, J. Curtis Main.  In the first few weeks of designing the digital magazine, Curtis began writing a "letter from the editor" called "Sound Off."  At first the column was meant as an introductory piece to each week's magazine.  However, it has since become an opinion column, with about half of the column pertaining to that issue's topics and the rest being whatever is on his distracted, energetic mind.

Curtis has obtained his Master of Arts in Women's Studies & Gender Studies at Loyola University Chicago, where he worked as a graduate assistant for the program as well as an intern for the Women and Leadership Archives.   He was born and raised in North Carolina, attending UNC-Chapel Hill for Biology and Psychology, with Women's Studies on the side (and his favorite).  His interests are radical social movements, especially involving race, gender, resource distributions, and sexuality.  Curtis  currently works in the Office of the Vice President for Student Development at Loyola University Chicago. He is also pursuing research and community work and activism regarding social justice and women's studies.

Below is a list of published Inside R Out's separated from the magazine.  Click to enjoy!

#TitleRelease DateIssue
21 Career- You Call It 5/9/2011 29
20 Attention Feminists: Where are Your Solutions? 5/2/2011 28
19 Quick Tips for Writing Great (WSGS) Papers 4/25/2011 27
18 Survival of the (Fittest) Religion 4/18/2011 26
17 White Noise takes Cheap Route with Nazi Racism 4/11/2011 25
16 Popular Culture Helped a Southern White Boy 4/4/2011 24
15 Gender Markers- trans(ition) yourself 3/21/2011 22
14 Look Around at Bodies- Affected 3/14/2011 21
13 Pesca-What!? Pt. 2 2/28/2011 20
12 White People, Stop; STOP WHITE PEOPLE 2/21/2011 19
11 Pesca-What!? Pt. 1 2/14/2011 18
10 Feminism Applies, whichever way we go 2/7/2011 17
9 Spring 2011 Possibilities with the Digest 1/31/2011 16
8 Don't Front your Giving: It's Responsibility, Not Charity 1/24/2011 15
7 Wollstonecraft: Special? Yes & No 12/2/2010 14
6 'Thanks, Mom:' Cooking for the Body 11/21/2010 12
5 Digital Disconnect 11/11/2010 11
4 Odd 'Man' Out 10/21/2010 8
3 Racist Circles; Racist Dating; Racist Sex 10/14/2010 7
2 Yo, dude, and you guys... 10/7/2010 6
1 Don't Ask, Don't Tell 9/23/2010 4


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