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‌life, work, and activism post-education

As part 11 of 12 of our annual special themed issues series and the final special themed issue of the academic year, Digest magazine's "Future/Career?" issue aims to spread information and awareness regarding work, careers, and post-educational life.  We work hard to gather a diverse array of voices on the experiences of different industries.  All columnists and sections focus on the topic as well.  How do we incorporate social justice in Corporate America?  How will you continue to fight for the marginalized throughout your career?  What should people know who are obtaining education to enter the workforce, or people who would like to switch jobs?  What do you think?   We invite academic, casual, critical, and artistic contributions for all special themed issues.

"Future/Career?" comes out annually the second week of May in time for new graduates, when many people are seeking employment.  It is our way at Digest magazine to celebrate the year's accomplishments with the magazine.  Our purpose in offering a broad theme is to not limit the large spectrums of topics and experiences having to do with religion, spirituality, atheism, and politics.  Thus, if you have something you would like to share and you believe it is connected to this theme, we are excited to hear from you. 

Click here to view a PDF of contributor guidelines; email questions/submissions to: digestmagazine@luc.edu.

Below, each table represents the "Future/Career?"  issue from that year.  Click on the cover image to view/download the entire digital issue, or scroll down to view/download each individual part, ranging from guest contributors and our regular columns to our special sections like Career Call, Faculty Feed, and Alum Alert.




1 Mia Gutsell
2 anonymous
3 anonymous
4 Ida SeferRoche
5 eman
6 GL
7 Various
8 Inside R Out?: Career? You Call It! J. Curtis Main
9 Screen/Play: Pressure Cooker Brandie Rae Madrid & Matthew Williamson
10 Color Contacts: Be Prepared! Nlw
11 Quote Corner 36: J.K. Rowling's Advice Brandie Rae Madrid
12 MadAds: PETA's Double Standards Brandie Rae Madrid
13 Bookmark Here: My Stroke of Genius, by Jill Bolte Taylor Brandie Rae Madrid
14 WLA (Re)Animated: Interior Architects in the Making Brandie Rae Madrid
15 Quote Corner 37: Women on Work Brandie Rae Madrid
16 Career Call: Clinical Counselor, Social Work Maruka J. Rivers
17 Career Call: Assistant Resource Coordinator, Non-profit/Youth Work Jenn Miller
18 Career Call: Therapist, Social Work Katherine M. Zwick
19 Career Call: Copywriter, Publishing Industry Emily Johnson
20 Career Call: Program Manager, Non-profit/Art Education Todd Gerth
21 Career Call: Barista, Food Service Brandie Rae Madrid
22 Career Call: Independent Consultant, Sales LaTasha Harrison
23 Career Call: Performer, Entertainment Sara Phoenix
24 Career Call: Serving & Bartending, Food/Beverage Service Industry J. Curtis Main
25 Quote Corner 38: Being an Adult Entertainer, from Bobby Blake J. Curtis Main
26 Quote Corner 39: Musicians Sound Off Pt 3 Devon
27 Quote Corner 40: Women's Rights Collection J. Curtis Main
28 Quote Corner 41: Whoopi Goldberg on Manners & Respect J. Curtis Main
29 The Bonfire: Feminist Reflections: A Year's Perspective Kyla Barranco


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