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Living In Color

As part 6 of 12 of our annual special themed issues series, Digest magazine's "Living In Color" issue wants to know current reflections and realities concerning race, ethnicity, and color.  As a country founded through violence against ethnic and racial "minorities," the USA has had a dark and twisting history and foundation through hierarchies of skin-tone and ancestry.  Still today, various assumptions and stereotypes are reinforced and recreated for people of "different" backgrounds and phenotypes.  Yet at the same time, often from those in power, some charge that we live in a post-racial time.  What do you think?   We invite academic, casual, critical, and artistic contributions for all special themed issues.

"Living in Color" comes out annually the third week of February.  Our purpose in offering a broad theme is to not limit the large spectrums of topics and experiences having to do with race, color, and ethnicity.  Thus, if you have something you would like to share and you believe it is connected to this theme, we are excited to hear from you. 

Click here to view a PDF of contributor guidelines; email questions/submissions to: digestmagazine@luc.edu.

Below, each table represents the "Living in Color" issue from that year.  Click on the cover image to view/download the entire digital issue, or scroll down to view/download each individual part, ranging from guest contributors and our regular columns to our special sections like Tell-A-Vision and Feminist Fires.

2011 Release:



1 just jamila
2 Chris Main
3 Ida SeferRoche
4 Theresa Campagna
5 Erica G. De La Rosa
6 Kathryn Berg
7 Yasmeen Shaban
8 Nlw
9 Mia Gutsell
10 Daniel Allen
11 Sophia Bairaktaris
12 Lindsay
13 G. Larose
14 Anonymous
15 devon
16 Carina Pasquesi
17 eman
18 Inside R Out?: White People, Stop. STOP WHITE PEOPLE J. Curtis Main
19 The Bonfire 12: Playing the White Card Kyla Barranco
20 Beyond the Words 3: Toward Understanding Aanmona Priyadarshini
21 Screen/Play 10: For Colored Girls Brandie Rae Madrid
22 Quote Corner 17: Chris Rock on race J. Curtis Main
23 Quote Corner 18: Margaret Cho on ethnicity J. Curtis Main
24 Quote Corner 19: Whoopi Goldberg on color J. Curtis Main
25 Gerald Steenken
26 Tell-A-Vision 3: The N-word and Race in the World, by Paul Mooney J. Curtis Main
27 Bookmark Here 3: Nisa: The Life and Words of a !Kung Woman by Marjorie Shostak J. Curtis Main
28 Feminist Fires #3: Boogie McClarin, Chicago Dance instructor, activist, and artist J. Curtis Main


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