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Special Themed Issues

Every year, Digest magazine cycles through 12 special issues dedicated to a wide range of topics associated with feminism and social justice.

We eagerly invite all Loyola students, staff, and faculty to contribute to these issues, and further encourage non-Loyola people to also take part.

Click on the special themes below to learn more about their release, their content, and to read and download previous issues!

#Title Topic(s)Annual Release
1 All about WSGS                       people, purpose, & past                                            September, 1st week  
2 BIG MOMMA family, kin, & reproduction October, 1st week
3 What's your LGBTIQ? sexual & gender minorities; queer & trans theory October, 3rd week
4 The Issue of Men masculinity, patriarchy, and how sexism affects men November, 1st week
5 the BODY definitions, treatment, exchanges, and identities December, 1st week
6 Is Feminism Still Important? how does feminism (not) apply today? January, 4th week
7 Living in Color race, color, ethnicity February, 3rd week
8 The WOMAN Effect/Affected forgotten/ignored women March, 3rd week
9 Mass(ive) Media pop culture, technology, and communication April, 1st week
10 Oh My God! Oh Your God! religion, spirituality, atheism, and politics April, 3rd week
11 Future/Career? life, work, and activism post-education May, 2nd week
12 Inter/Transnational World thinking globally, acting locally, and culture July, 1st week


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