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Glimpses Interviews

Glimpses interviews were started early in the magazine's development to help capture and share the many people behind feminism and social justice in the WSGS Program.  We began interviewing students and faculty and staff.  Since then, we have expanded this special section to include other activists, leaders, and artists connected to WSGS and social justice.  The interview consists of four parts:

- Character at a glance: a chance to catch some of the simple aspects of a person, like their favorite drink.
- Main interview questions: we ask about background, feminism, current & future plans, race, and interests.
- Photos: a different way of meeting a person; photos of interests & adventure, friends & family are welcome.
- "FYI": a brief "shoutout" section where the person interviewed shares advice, wisdom, announcements, etc.

Digest magazine encourages interviews to be completed by someone closer to the interviewee.  We are more than happy to accept interviews done by guest contributors on people they choose.  Please use the link below to do a Glimpses interview; you may add or subtract the questions as you please.

Click here to view a PDF of interview questions; email questions/submissions to Brandie: bmadrid@luc.edu.

Below is a list of published Glimpses interviews separated from the magazine.  Click to enjoy!

10Halle PetroneJ. Curtis Main5/9/201129
9Ana CroegaertJ. Curtis Main4/11/201125
8John SevignyJ. Curtis Main4/4/201124
7Sophia BairaktarisJ. Curtis Main3/28/201123
6Shana Penn                               J. Curtis Main                           2/7/201118
5Cristina Lombardi-DiopSophia Bairaktaris12/2/201013
4Carol CoyneJ. Curtis Main10/21/20108
3Kyla BarrancoJ. Curtis Main10/14/20107
2Ann TerrellJ. Curtis Main9/30/20105
1Cameron CustardJ. Curtis Main9/23/20104

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