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MadAds is a special weekly section in which we collect advertising from a certain company, organization, or around a theme and illustrate how the imagery reinforces dominant, harmful societal practices and beliefs.  Often, the images speak for themselves; whether it's the objectification of women's bodies, erasure and stereotyping of racial minorities, or reinforcement of men as violent, "normal," and capable, advertising reveals much about a culture.  Sometimes, too, we ask questions and share information that further expose the oddity and nastiness of modern advertising.

As always, Digest magazine is eager for your feedback and insight.  If you see advertising you would like us to include in MadAds, let us know.  Or, if you would like to collect and critique for a weekly MadAd's section, feel free.

Click here to view a PDF of contributor guidelines; email questions/submissions to: digestmagazine@luc.edu.

Below is a list of published MadAds separated from the magazine.  Click to enjoy!

24 PETA's Double Standards Brandie Rae Madrid 5/9/2011 29
23 Women in Sports Brandie Rae Madrid 5/2/2011 28
22 Women in Bondage Brandie Rae Madrid 4/25/2011 27
21 Homophobic Church Ads Brandie Rae Madrid 4/18/2011 26
20 Fembots Instead of Women Brandie Rae Madrid 4/11/2011 25
19 Pixar on Race & Gender Bren Ortega Murphy 4/4/2011 24
18 Sex in the Movies Brandie Rae Madrid 3/28/2011 23
17 The Gender Divide J. Curtis Main 03/21/2011 22
16 Today's Chicago Woman J. Curtis Main 03/14/2011 21
15 Gendered Armpits J. Curtis Main 03/07/2011 20
14 Race to the Box Office J. Curtis Main 02/28/2011 19
13 Hyundai J. Curtis Main 02/21/2014 18
12 The USA in the Late 1800s J. Curtis Main & Brandie Rae Madrid 02/14/2011 17
11 Colonization by Beauty Standards J. Curtis Main 02/07/2011 16
10 Music & Body Image J. Curtis Main 01/31/2011 15
9 Women's and Men's Magazine Covers                                        J. Curtis Main 01/24/2011 14
8 White Beauty Standards J. Curtis Main 12/09/2010 13
7 Housework 2010 J. Curtis Main 12/02/2010 12
6 Absolut Vodka J. Curtis Main 11/18/2010 11
5 Anti-Mosque Campaign J. Curtis Main 11/04/2010 10
4 Halloween Costumes J. Curtis Main 10/28/2010 9
3 Axe Dark Temptation J. Curtis Main 10/21/2010 8
2 American Apparel J. Curtis Main 10/14/2010 7
1 Douching to Get a Job Bren Ortega Murphy 10/07/2010 6

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