The Loyola Anti-Racism Initiative is a conversation among stakeholders across the University to address structural racism and work toward authentic change in our community, in the academy, and in our society.  The Anti-Racism Initiative Working Group has developed three overarching goals with concrete action steps and action owners listed here. 

Create a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment for students, staff, and faculty of color.  

Strategies and Actions 

Partner with campus safety to create innovative models of Campus SafetyStrengthen the relationship between Campus Safety and the LUC community. This effort will be coordinated by Tom Murray, Lester ManzanoJoan Holden, Dawn Collins, Deb Schmidt-Rogers, and Anna Shymanski. 

Revisit student, staff, and faculty dispute resolution proceduresConsult with relevant University offices regarding current practices for dispute resolution and consider strategies (e.g., restorative justice practices) that may address cases that do not violate the lawEnhance communication with the LUC community regarding the existing policies and procedures that address racist behaviorThis effort will be coordinated by Stacey Jaksa, Badia Ahad,  Joan Stasiak,  Marshawn Brown,  Winifred Williams,  Jane Neufeld, Deb Schmidt-Rogers, and Tim Love. 

Provide evidence-based training for students, staff, and faculty to help them identify and interrupt bias, develop empathy and self-awareness by learning about identity and privilege. This effort will be led by Marshawn Brown,  Chris Manning,  Shay Collins,  Winifred Williams,  Jane Neufeld, Badia Ahad, and Paige Gardner. 


Facilitate Black student, staff, and faculty success. 

Strategies and Actions  

Establish a Black Student Experience taskforce; consider solutions such as an office of Black Student Success. This effort will be led by Ashley Williams, Sheila McMullan/SAS director, Will Rodriguez, Shay Collins, and Chris Manning. 

Increase professional development opportunities for faculty, staff, and students of color. This effort will be led by Chris Manning, Joan StasiakBadia Ahad, Sunny Singh, Winifred Williams, Marshawn Brown, and Shay Collins. 

Implement evidence-based mentoring practices and models to support students, staff, and faculty of color. This effort will be led by Sunny Singh, Marshawn Brown, Badia Ahad, Shay Collins, Winifred Williams, and Joan Stasiak. 

Ensure that Black students, staff, and faculty have access to culturally-aware wellness resourcesThis effort will be led by Joan Holden, Joan Stasiak, Winifred Williams, Marshawn Brown, Shay Collins, Andrea Boydand Deb Schmidt-Rogers. 


Enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion in academic affairs.  

Strategies and Actions 

Create a strategic plan for each academic unit by May 2021. By December 2020, we will have a self-study from each academic unit that details the current status of anti-racist pedagogy and curriculum as well as an overview of hiring practices. The self-study will inform long-term planning to update pedagogy, curriculum, mentoring, hiring and retention with an eye toward racial equity. This effort will be coordinated by the Deans and Department Chairs and supported by the Associate Provost for Academic Diversity. 

To address the classroom, we will aim for more inclusive teaching and grading practices; identify and implement best practices in anti-racist pedagogy; provide training for faculty and students to understand the complexity of multiple and intersecting social identities held by self and others. 

To address recruitment and retention, we will communicate admission strategies for diversifying the student body; evaluate promotion and tenure criteria and processes with an eye toward fairness and equity; build pipelines to increase faculty, staff, and student diversity.  

We will monitor our progress toward these goals on an annual basis and continue to identify opportunities for improvement.