In response to calls for positive change after the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many more, Loyola’s Anti-Racism Group formed. Since receiving the recommendations put forth in “In Support of Black Students,” as well as considering significant input from faculty and staff, members of the Loyola community, including students, administrators, faculty, and staff, have engaged in numerous meetings and conversations through the summer of 2020, which will continue into the school year. 

The Anti-Racism group is charged with working to move Loyola along the continuum toward becoming a fully inclusive Anti-Racist institution. The group engages  stake holders in this process by inviting feedback and making their work transparent.

Over the summer, the Anti-Racism Initiative Working Group thoroughly reviewed and discussed the concerns presented by our students, staff, and faculty.

Connor Elmore and Elise Purnsley, Co-Presidents of the Black Cultural Center (BCC), and Taylor Thomas, Chief Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Officer for the Student Government of Loyola Chicago (SGLC) authored "In Support of Black Students," and Jessica Simpson, Founder and President of White Coats for Black Lives, authored "White Coats for Black Lives." We were grateful to engage in direct dialogue with student leaders who authored those concerns, as well as LaShaunda Reese, Founder and President of the Black Graduate Student Alliance (BGSA).

During the course of our dialogues, we identified several areas for short term and long term work. In the short term, we identified the need to gather information on the existing individuals, offices, and organizations that support anti-racist work on campus. Many of these individuals and organizations operate in relative isolation and one goal is to facilitate collaboration.

We surveyed faculty and staff to identify our local experts who teach and conduct research with the aim of reducing racism and racial disparities. This internal database will be used to identify experts to provide on campus programming.

We learned that we need to increase our capacity to provide programming to faculty and created the faculty Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Liaison program. We recruited our first cohort and are training them to provide support across the university.

We formalized the informal practices that Deans and other administrators use to support students, staff, and faculty following racist incidents and have shared this “rapid response” protocol with leadership for refinement and utilization.

We identified the key stakeholders across campus to involve in our future work.

We also identified three main goals and several strategies needed to execute these goals. The goals were approved by leadership and assigned to staff across the university.

We will continue to make progress on these goals during the coming academic year and into the future.

Working Group Members

Simpson, Jessica
Founder, White Coats for Black Lives at Stritch Medical School

Thomas, Taylor
Chief Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Officer | Student Government of Loyola Chicago

Elmore, Connor
Co-president of the Black Cultural Center

Reese, LaShaunda
Founder and president, Black Graduate Student Alliance

Finnegan, Lorna
Dean, School of Nursing

Henfield, Malik
Dean, School of Education

Jones, Peter
Dean, Institute for Pastoral Studies

Kaufman, Michael
Dean, School of Law

Widen, Jeanne
Dean, School of Continuing and Professional Studies

Menon, Goutham
Dean, School of Social Work

Rodriguez, William
Dean, Students

Prehn, James
Chief of Staff, Office of the President

Watson, Stephen
Athletic Director

Hardigan, Margaret
Associate Director, Marketing and Advertising

Ahad, Badia
Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Grzywacz, Norberto
Provost and Chief Academic Officer

Williams, Winifred
Vice President
Chief Human Resources Officer and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Manning, Christopher
Associate Provost for Academic Diversity

Collins, Shay
Director, Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs

Mallett, Robyn
(chair) and Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Planning