Loyola University Chicago

Office of the Provost

Charge & Membership

The Board of Undergraduate Studies (BUS) is designed to bring together in one forum the College of Arts & Sciences, the Quinlan School of Business, the School of Communication, the School of Education, the Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing, the School of Social Work, the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, the Institute of Environmental Sustainability, Arrupe College, and other academic and student development units to coordinate, review, and make recommendations on issues and programs that specifically impact the quality of undergraduate education at Loyola University Chicago.

A.  Purpose

(1) To review and make recommendations on undergraduate academic programs initiatives, including new programs, changes to existing programs that cross academic units(College/Schools/Institute) and degree requirements;

(2) To serve as a forum for discussing the development, coordination, integration and improvement of undergraduate education;

(3)  To review and advise on undergraduate matters that affect more than one college, school or independent program, or otherwise cross the confines of a single college, school or program;

(4) To periodically appraise the quality of undergraduate education and address issues as they arise;

(5) To form appropriate ad hoc committees for effecting desirable changes or improvements in the quality of undergraduate education;

(6) To formulate long-range academic plans for undergraduate education.

Any recommendations deliberated and voted upon by the Board of Undergraduate Studies shall be forwarded to the Provost or the Provost for Health Sciences (in the case of Nursing).  These administrators, in turn, shall forward any matters affecting policy (as appropriate) to the University Senate for review and recommendation. (See attached Chart of Approvals.)

B.  Membership:

1)      Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

2)      Dean, Quinlan School of Business

3)      Dean, School of Communication

4)      Dean, School of Education

5)      Dean, School of Nursing

6)      Dean, School of Social Work

7)      Dean, School of Continuing and Professional Studies

8)      Dean of Libraries

9)      Dean, Arrupe College

10)    Dean, Institute of Environmental Sustainability (IES)

11)    Vice President for Student Development

12)    Vice Provost for Academic Centers and Global Initiatives

13)    Associate Provost for Curriculum Development

14)    Assistant Provost for Academic Services

15)    Dean of Admission

16)    University Registrar

17)    Director, Accreditation and Academic Regulatory Compliance

18)    Faculty – Arts and Sciences (appointed by Provost)

19)    Faculty – Professional Schools or IES (appointed by Provost)

20)    Undergraduate Student (selected by USGA)

C.  Chair:

The Chair of the Board of Undergraduate Studies shall be elected from among the Deans by the Board.  To the extent possible, the position as chair should rotate among the Deans each year.  The Chair may designate an Acting Chair for any meeting from the current members of the Board.

D.  Meetings:

The Board shall meet regularly, but at least three times each semester.  The times of the meeting for the year shall be established at the first meeting following the first day of the fall semester each year. Minutes shall be recorded and posted.  A majority of the membership shall constitute a quorum for purposes of transacting any business.   A simple majority vote will control the disposition of all votes. 

 Updated 9/6/2017