Loyola University Chicago

Office of the Provost


Entering Midterm Grades


October 19, 2023


Dear Faculty,


I hope that the fall semester is going well, and you and your students are engaged in teaching and learning, our fundamental mission at Loyola University Chicago. It is that time of year where I strongly encourage and ask our faculty to post students’ midterm grades in LOCUS.  


We need your help identifying students who may need additional University support. Posting midterm grades, all grades, is an essential point of information for our students to evaluate their academic standing in each course to make informed decisions about how to proceed with the remainder of their term. 


Underperforming students in your class may also be underperforming in other classes. Taking the time to report midterm grades allows a series of notifications to be sent to students who are not doing well and who may benefit from outreach from support units such as: the Tutoring Center, the Office of the Dean of Students, the Student Accessibility Center, and other assistance units across the University. You, our faculty, are the first to know that a student has stopped attending class or is behind on deliverables. Unless you report this information through posting midterm grades, other units may not be aware of students’ challenges and the need to intervene and assist.


Please make the time to post your midterm grades into your midterm grade roster in LOCUS by October 27. I genuinely appreciate your help in supporting our students to achieve academic excellence and become their best selves. I know how busy you all are, and your efforts are what make Loyola transformative.




Margaret Faut Callahan, CRNA, PhD, FNAP, FAAN

Provost and Chief Academic Officer