Loyola University Chicago

Office of the Provost

Diversity Coordinator

Joseph Butler, PhD candidate, Diversity Coordinator

Joseph Butler holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Communication and a Master’s in Sociology, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Sociology. He has extensive knowledge of diverse communities and a deep, long-standing commitment to strengthening urban community life through his role as Diversity Coordinator for the office of the Provost at Loyola University Chicago.  

Joseph has had extensive experience assisting organizations in the development and implementation of membership recruitment and community outreach strategies.  He has severed as Regional Organizing Director for New Schools for Chicago and Outreach Manager for Philadelphia School Partnership before collaborating to start Citizen Consulting Group in 2013 and Citizen Group Media, LLC in 2017.

 Through these organization, he has touched the lives of countless youth. He has melded his administrative skills, commitment to the community and his gift for strategic development in an exceptional way to make a difference in numerous communities across the country.