Loyola University Chicago

Office of the Provost

Faculty Hiring

Part I: How To Execute a Diverse Hiring Strategy

    • This training module shows an academic unit how to execute a diverse hiring strategy from the outset of its work through the interview stage.  Including materials on a range of materials from crafting the line to advertising and building pipelines, this module works best when taken as early in the process as possible and with as many members of the hiring committee as possible. (60 min)

Part II: How to Avoid Implicit Bias in Faculty Hiring

    • This dynamic interactive training module helps faculty members understand how implicit bias can work its way into the candidate selection and interview processes. This module is best situated previous to discussion of candidates for short interviews.  It can be taken by only the search committee, but given that all faculty ultimately contribute to the evaluation of the final candidates it is best deployed to the entire academic unit. In the past, unit leaders have used faculty meetings as a time to have this training. (45 min)