Loyola University Chicago

Office of the Provost

Student/Classroom Inclusivity

Diversity Issues in the Classroom

    • Using case studies, this dynamic interactive module allows instructors to explore different types and diversity related issues that can arise in a classroom context and helps them to be better prepared to effectively handle those issues. Unit leaders trying to facilitate inclusivity in their programs and departments have chosen to use the department/program meeting format as a time to have this training.(60 min)

How Can Academic Units Boost Women and URM Students in STEM

    • This presentation reviews best practices around the success model for women and underrepresented minority students in the STEM disciplines and asks participants to brainstorm ways in which their specific units can emulate these practices (30-45 min)

Race Talk in the Classroom

    • This interactive workshop explores uses cases studies and the research to explore the psychological dynamics of race talk on people of color and their white counterparts and offers concrete strategies on how to successfully navigate those conversations within a student and classroom context. (60-75 min)

Resources for Faculty to Support Students at Loyola

    • This presentation reviews the formal support structures for students at Loyola that faculty can turn to help student succeed.  If desired, the presentation can have a more interactive component and include a series of Loyola derived case studies that allow participants to see some the complexities that can arise with supporting students and to discuss which resources would be most appropriate. (30-60 min)