Loyola University Chicago

Office of the Provost


The Academic Innovation Team (AIT) Charge:

(1) Assists Deans in the development of proposals for entrepreneurial initiatives that would expand program offerings and create new enrollment streams.

(2) Evaluates program proposals requesting startup funds and makes funding recommendations to the Provost.

The AIT coordinates Loyola University Chicago (LUC) resources to assist academic unit leaders with fully developing proposals for new academic programs in accordance with the Proposal Guidelines for New Programs in the Provost Office document, Academic Program Development: Processes for Review, Approval & Implementation.

The AIT’s second charge is to evaluate proposals of new programs that are also requesting startup funds from the Provost’s Office. The review process for proposals requesting startup funds is the same as the new program review procedures noted above, but new program proposals seeking startup funding should include a market analysis conducted by Enrollment Systems, Research and Reporting (ESRR) and startup funding request. See Proposal Guidelines for New Programs Seeking Startup Funding and AIT Evaluation Criteria for New Program Startup Funding.

As illustrated below, the proposal process for startup funding begins with an idea generated by a faculty member. If the Dean approves the idea for the new program, the Dean refers the faculty member (i.e., proposal writer) to the AIT for assistance with developing the proposal for the new academic program in accordance with the guidelines. Once the proposal is complete it returns to the academic unit to begin the process of multi-level review and approval. Once the proposed program is approved by academic unit, the AIT and the university level Board of Undergraduate Studies (BUS) or Graduate Studies Coordinating Board (GSCB) review the proposal concurrently. The Provost provides final approval for new programs and funding.