Loyola University Chicago

Office of the Provost


Statement on Faculty Recruitment and Development

Plan 2020: Building a More Just, Humane and Sustainable World includes a prominent institutional priority to “Advance our Social Justice Mission through Faculty Development.” All academic leaders, including those trusted with the process of new faculty recruitment for their programs and schools, are responsible for enhancing our recruitment efforts to seek individuals to join our faculty who are committed to our mission and to transformative education and justice.

What do we mean by “hiring for mission”?

When we recruit and hire a new faculty member with the expertise and competence to contribute to teaching and learning in our academic programs, we are hiring for mission.

When we seek the best teacher and researcher to advance intellectual inquiry and advance knowledge in the disciplines and professions, we are hiring for mission.

When we pursue individuals to join our faculty who are interested in questions related to faith, reason and social justice, we are hiring for mission.

When we conduct an actively inclusive recruitment process that enhances the diversity of our faculty and our university, we are hiring for mission.

When we recruit individuals who will promote a transformative education and embrace their roles in the academic and personal development of our students, we are hiring for mission.

And, when we support all faculty, especially new faculty members, in their professional development as scholars and teachers through through faculty seminars, workshops and discussions, we are advancing Loyola’s mission.

In the recruitment processes for new faculty, hiring for mission should be at the forefront of our efforts, including the following expectations:

  • Position advertisements will contain language about the importance of mission and diversity, as well as the required expertise and competence in content specialization.
  • Search committees will be formed with attention to mission and inclusion of diverse members.
  • Search committees will seek to achieve quality candidate pools that reflect diversity, particularly of gender, race, and ethnicity.
  • On-campus interview schedules will include opportunities for candidates to interact with diverse faculty and students, and offices that support our mission and diversity.
  • Final candidates will receive information on our approach to Transformative Education, Plan 2020, and faculty development and support programs for teaching and research.
  • The assessment of candidate finalists will include their potential contributions to the intellectual and learning environment, as well as to mission, leadership, and diversity.