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Academic Standards and Regulations

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Class Status and Academic Advising

First-year and sophomore students are advised in the Office of University Advising; junior and senior students are advised in the Dean's Office of their school or college. In their first academic year at Loyola and in all subsequent years, transfer students (students who enter Loyola with 20 or more credits earned in a college or university setting) and students in the School of Professional Studies receive advising in the Dean's Office of their school or college.

For advising purposes first-year students are defined as those students who enter Loyola with fewer than 20 credits hours earned in a college or university setting. Sophomores have at least 30 earned credit hours, including credit earned at other colleges or universities; juniors at least 60 credit hours; and seniors at least 90 credit hours earned. Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate credits are not counted in the determination of class standing for advising purposes.

Students with Disabilities

At times, students with disabilities may wish to avail themselves of the University's ancillary services. Students who would like accommodations at the University need to contact the Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities. Contact information is available at www.luc.edu/sswd.


Final Examinations

Final examinations are given during the scheduled examination period in each session. Students are expected to take their exams as scheduled.  If a student needs to deviate from the exam schedule in any way, the student must contact his or her dean. Students with more than 3 exams on a given day may contact their Dean.  Tests or examinations may be given during the semester or summer sessions as often as deemed advisable by the instructor. Students who miss a final examination should contact their instructor.