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Laudatory Status

A student who earns a cumulative Loyola GPA of at least 3.50 will be graduated cum laude (with honors); of at least 3.70, magna cum laude (with high honors); of at least 3.90, summa cum laude (with highest honors). For the purpose of calculating the grade point average (GPA), averages are NOT rounded, i.e., 3.49 is not rounded to 3.50. Laudatory status requires exactly 3.50 or better. Transfer students must complete a minimum of 60 graded Loyola hours (excluding pass-no pass hours) to be eligible for academic honors. Work completed at a program or college not formally affiliated with Loyola will not be counted. The computation is based on the student's entire academic career at Loyola.

Laudatory status for the degree will be based on certification of all requirements and may differ from the status announced at graduation ceremonies if degree requirements are not certified at the time of the ceremony.

For academic honors conferred by individual schools or departments within schools, consult appropriate sections of this catalog.