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Readmission Requirements and Procedures

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Students in good academic and disciplinary standing who have been absent from Loyola University Chicago for not more than one semester may be readmitted with no change in degree requirements, provided they have not attended another college or university during their absence from Loyola. Such applicants for readmission should contact the office of their former dean for counseling and directions for registration. However, if a student wishes to enter another division of the university, the application for readmission must be filed, and the student will be held to the degree and curriculum requirements in force at the time of entrance to the division.

Applicants for readmission who have attended other schools during their absence from Loyola must submit official transcripts of their work from each institution to the Undergraduate Admission Office before their applications can be considered. The application for readmission will be judged according to the admission regulations of each college.

Applicants for readmission to full-time divisions who have been dropped from Loyola for poor scholarship may apply for readmission after one year of absence.

Applicants for readmission who have been dropped from Loyola for disciplinary reasons must have their applications for readmission reviewed by the dean of students. If the dean approves readmission, the application will be reviewed according to the regulations stated above. Notification of readmission is usually mailed about four to five weeks after the admission office receives all necessary transcripts. Applications for readmission are available in the Undergraduate Admission Office at both lakeside campuses as well as at all dean's offices.