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Every Loyola Undergraduate, regardless of college or school, will complete the University Core Curriculum.

The Core Curriculum consists of  16 courses (48 credit hours) distributed over 10 Core Knowledge Areas. Students will complete coursework in:

  • Artistic Knowledge and Experience (1 course)
  • Historical Knowledge (2 courses)
  • Literary Knowledge and Experience (2 courses)
  • Quantitative Analysis (1 courses)
  • Scientific Literacy (2 courses)
  • Societal and Cultural Knowledge (2 courses)
  • Philosophical Knowledge (2 courses)
  • Theological and Religious Studies Knowledge (2 courses)
  • Ethics (1 course from the Philosophical or Theological area)
  • College Writing Seminar (1 course)

Each course that has been approved for the University Core Curriculum will reinforce one or more of the following six Skills: communication, critical thinking, ethical awareness and decision-making, quantitative and qualitative analysis and research methods, and technological literacy.

These courses also integrate the understanding and promoting of four Values essential to a Loyola education: understanding diversity in the US or the world; understanding and promoting justice; understanding spirituality or faith in action in the world; and promoting engaged learning.

Students' majors and minor may fulfill one or more areas of the Core Knowledge component. See http://luc.edu/core/coreandmajor.shtml for specifics.

For more information on the University Core Curriculum and to see the list of approved core courses by Core Knowledge Area go to www.luc.edu/core.

University Core Curriculum Grade Requirements

For core courses taken before the summer session of 2014, students must have earned a minimum of C- (1.67) in an approved University Core course to have that course count for Core credit,   Upon Loyola's acceptance of the Illinois Articulation Initiative, students must earn grades of at least D in approved Core courses to have that course count for Core credit, with the exception of the College Writing Seminar, which requires a minimum of C- for credit.   Students must have an overall grade point average of 2.00 in all courses they apply to the Core Curriculum.

Required Hours and Grade Point Average for Graduation

Students must complete 120 hours to graduate. Student must have a minimum cumulative 2.00 GPA. They must also have a minimum cumulative 2.00 GPA in their Core Curriculum.

Most departments require a minimum 2.00 GPA in their major(s) and minor(s). Students must check with their department(s) for policy on the minimum GPA in the major and/or minor.