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Meet the ACE Retreat Leaders


The Continue to Dream Retreat is a three-day program in which ACE scholars build friendships with peers, start to consider their career path, and how to make the most of their undergraduate education.  It is an opportunity for scholars to reflect on their life story and draw inspiration and support from each other. The retreat typically happens in mid-October at Loyola's Woodstock campus - Loyola University Retreat and Ecology Campus (LUREC).

Below is a brief introduction to this year's team of retreat leaders.  If you are an ACE Scholar with questions about these event, please e-mail us at ace@luc.edu.

Retreat Leaders:


Lissette Amón

Hometown: Biblián Canton, Cañar, Ecuador

Majors: Psychology and Theology

Minor: Catholic Studies

Involvement: Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc., Peer Advisor for ACE UNIV 101, Latin American Student Organization (LASO).

Favorite Aspect of ACE: It is a family that has my back and encourages me to reach my full potential while giving back to the community.


Lupe Blanco

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Major: Psychology and Human Services

Involvement: Alpha Psi Lambda, RSP Mentor

Favorite aspect of ACE: The welcoming atmosphere from the students and staff.


Chris Rodriguez-Lobato

Hometown: Bloomington, MN

Degree: Biomedical Engineering

Involvement: Laso

Favorite Aspect of ACE: The family-like community we have with one another.


Jeanpierre Lem

Hometown: Chicago

Major: Entrepreneurship

Involvement: LASO, Delta Sigma Pi (DSP)

Favorite Aspect of ACE: Community enrichment, ACE is truly the best program to help build yourself through your social, academic, and professional careers.


Christopher Hernandez

Hometown: Alexandria, VA

Major: Information Technology

Involvement: Latin American Student Organization(LASO), Chinese Club, Loyola Boxing Team, RAGE

Favorite aspect of ACE: ACE’s staff goes above and beyond! The community is welcoming and encourages all to reach their full potential.


Esther Marcos

Hometown: Mundelein, Illinois 

Major(s): Advertising/Public Relations and Political Science 

Involvement: RAGE, LASO (Latin American Student Organization), Inigo Communications, PR Intern for Loyola's UMC

Favorite part of ACE: My favorite part of ACE is the community aspect of the program. There are so many opportunities to get to know scholars and truly bond over our experiences with school, home, or our careers. This aspect really allowed me to transition smoothly to Loyola and be confident in my talents and abilities.