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Meet the ACE Retreat Leaders


ACE has a couple special signature programs.  One of them is Continue To Dream Retreat,  a three-day program, in which ACE scholars build friendships with peers, start to consider their career path and how to make the most of their undergraduate education at LUC.  It is an opportunity for scholars to reflect on their life story and draw inspiration and support from each other. This year's retreat is happening on October 12-14, 2018 at LUREC.

Below is a brief introduction to our retreat mentors.  If you are an ACE student with questions about these programs, please e-mail us at ace@luc.edu.

ACE Lead Retreat Mentors:

Name:  Sarah Alharsha
Year: Senior 
Major: Molecular/ Cellular Neuroscience 
Minor: Bioethics
Position: ACE Retreat Co-Leader 
Favorite ACE memory: Attending a Cubs game during Student Transition Program (STP)
Why did you want to be an ACE Retreat Leader/Mentor?
LUREC is like a second home to me and the mental/ spiritual growth that occurs during a retreat is unmatched! 


Name: Lizbeth Soto
Year: Junior
Major: Social Work
Hometown: Blue Island, IL
Clubs/Organization: Achieving Professional And Academic Excellence (APAE)
Favorite ACE memory: There are so many it’s hard to choose! From the Summer Transitions program, to moments in the ACE lounge, I have so many great memories with my ACE family!
Why did you want to be an ACE Retreat Leader/Mentor?
ACE has become a second family to me and with the Retreat, ACE students are able to come even closer together. I wanted to be a Retreat Leader again, because during the retreat ACE members are able to not only get to know their peers, but also grow as a person. 

 ACE Retreat Mentors:


Name: Lejla Alibasic
Year: Junior
Major: International studies and political science
Hometown: Chicago
Clubs/Organization: Loyola Refugee Outreach, ABI Program 
Favorite ACE memory: Doing secret santa with fellow ACE students 
Why did you want to be an ACE Retreat Leader/Mentor?
I wanted to be an ACE Retreat Leader because I went on the retreat my freshman year and really enjoyed it and I wanted to become more involved and gain leadership experience. 



Name:  Teresa Dorado
Year: Senior
Major: Environmental Science major and minor in Visual Communications
Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin
Clubs/Organization: Campus Ministry, Alternative Break Immersions (ABI's), Doris Duke Conservation Scholar, ACE, SDMA
Favorite ACE memory: My most memorable time was during our Summer Transition Program wearing matching yellow ponchos after getting caught in a storm during a Cubs game.
Why did you want to be an ACE Retreat Leader/Mentor?
I had a great experience as a first-year ACE scholar in the retreat and felt a sense of connection and belonging in ACE which I felt I needed after starting at a new school in a new city. I wanted to encourage other ACE scholars to have the same sense of belonging and trust in ACE so after being a leader in the retreat my sophomore year, I'm excited to help out again this year!


Name: Maria Magallon-Trejo
Year: Junior  
Major: Biology Pre-Med 
Hometown: Aurora, IL
Clubs/Orgs: American Medical Women’s Assoc. E-Board Member, Habitat for Humanity E-Board Member, Centro Romero Adult Education Volunteer
Favorite ACE memory?: My favorite ACE memory would probably be when the ACE program was invited to a Women’s Leadership Conference in Maryland last summer. The only two men in the whole 500+ sea of women happened to be from ACE, Isaac and Roshandeep. One night, we had dinner at a local Asian restaurant and Roshandeep decided it was a good idea to eat a whole quarter size amount of Wasabi. The look on his face was priceless! I don’t he will ever want to smell Wasabi ever again.
Why did you want to be an ACE retreat leader/Mentor?:
To be a Continue Dream Mentor is a privilege. I take pride in providing multiverse support in one’s social and professional life. I would be taking on this retreat for a consecutive second year this time around,  and to me respect, confidentiality, and having an open mind are what it means to be a Continue to Dream Mentor. I wanted to be a retreat leader because of the vulnerable position I and all the attendees put ourselves in. Despite similarities, every single person in this program shares a different story and being able to put yourself in somebody’s else shoes, possibly feel the happiness or even difficult situations others go through is beyond eye-opening. I’m excited to see what this year brings us!


Name: Jacob Sierra
Year: Senior; class of 2019
Major: Marketing, Minor in Finance
Hometown: Hillside, IL
Clubs/Organization: Agape & Ecclesia
Favorite ACE memory: Trip to the Illusionists my sophomore year
Why did you want to be an ACE Retreat Leader/Mentor?:
I have been away for a year studying abroad and really want to reconnect with the ACE community and when I heard about the opportunity to lead the Continue to Dream retreat, I knew this would be my chance! I am excited to work with the retreat leaders team and the rest of the ACE staff!