New Student Resource Guide

Next Steps Information Session

Register to attend an upcoming Next Steps Information Session for newly admitted students. Information sessions are held twice each week, Wednesdays at 4pm (CST) and Fridays at 1pm (CST). New students should attend a session within thier first week after admission. Registration for an upcoming session can be done here:

If you're unavailable to attend a session at one of the available days/times, recorded videos have been provided below that include all of the information provided within the sessions.

New Student Welcome Packet

The New Student Welcome Packet includes all the important resources and next steps you need to know to start a successful academic career at Loyola University Chicago. Also take some time to review our Loyola Experience pages to learn the phases your student career will take here at the School of Continuing & Professional Studies at Loyola.

Resource Videos

As an additional resource for new students, we've created a number of videos explaining information relevant to new students. Each link will redirect you to the video. This is all information covered within the Next Steps Information Session. Note: When you open the below video links, clicking "contents" to the left of the video, will provide you an outline of the content and the video and also allow you to jump to different places within the video itself.

Next Steps (2 minutes)

This video gives both degree-seeking and certificate-seeking students the list of steps they should complete before they start classes within their first session.

Loyola Platforms: LOCUS, Navigate, Sakai, and Email (4 minutes)

This video will explain how/when you will use LOCUS, Navigate, Sakai, and your Email. It also discussed receiving and using your Loyola ID and password.

Meet Your Advisors (2 minutes)

This video discusses the role of primary academic advisors and faculty advisors.

Sakai: Mastering Learning Tools (5 minutes)

This video explains where to find the courses/sites you have access to within Sakai. It also explains where to find the Mastering Learning Tools and understanding how to complete these four tasks required of new degree-seeking students.

Navigate and Scheduling Your Advising Appointment (2 minutes)

In this video, learn where to schedule your advising appointment and the type of appointment to choose.

LOCUS (9 minutes)

This video explains where to find your transfer credit report, financial aid package, and discusses other features of LOCUS. It also covers important registration tips, where to find course schedules, and online classes (what is synchronous and asynchronous).

Financial Aid, Bursar, and Session/Semester (7 minutes)

This video helps you to understand the difference between the Bursar and Financial Aid Office and the types of aid available to you. It also explains how the 8-week sessions fit into the 16-week semester and enrollment requirements for financial aid eligibility.

Billing Overview (6 minutes)

This video dicusses the billing process, due dates, payment plans, and employer reimbursement.

Scholarships (3 minutes)

This video provides a brief overview of scholarships available to newly admitted students. There is further information about our scholarship options, along with a more in-depth webinar recording, on our scholarship page:

Meet an Ambassador (1 minute)

Our Ambassadors are current students and graduates open to meeting with new students to discuss the student experience and provide you support as you return to school.


If you have any questions along the way, please contact the SCPS office at We are here to make your experience as a student as seamless as possible.