Phase 1: Launching Your Loyola Career


  • Build Your Skills
  • Connect with Community
  • Expand Your Knowledge
  • Engage in Chicago and the World
  • Focus on Your Well-Being
  • Reflection


  • Develop strong habits.
    • Determine academic strategies that work for you as you experience the challenges of balancing challenging intellectual work in an 8-week classroom setting with your career and your personal life.
  • Start a support system.
    • Create relationships and develop a network of support with other students, faculty, and staff, beginning with new student orientation and CPST 200: Introduction to Degree Completion.
    • Develop your academic plan with your advisor and determine your financial strategy to complete your degree so you are prepared with the map to travel the road to graduation.
  • Build your mind, body, and spirit.
    • Expand more than your mind by developing the skills to promote personal well-being.
    • Explore how to incorporate prior learning options to complete your degree in the most efficient and affordable way.
  • Discover life as a Loyolan.
    • Examine how a Loyola degree fits into your career and personal plans.
    • Explore the benefits of a Jesuit education at one of Chicago’s premiere universities.
    • Understand the University’s mission and what it means to be a Loyolan.


Reflection Questions

  • Remind yourself of why you chose to take the big step of applying and enrolling at Loyola. How do you hope to grow during your time as a student?
  • How will you create a sense of balance in your life as you juggle many competing and important priorities?
  • How will your passions and knowledge guide you as a leader?
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