Phase 3: Graduation and Beyond

Launching your Loyola Career

  • Connect with Community
  • Expand Your Knowledge
  • Commit to Faith, Justice, and Service
  • Create Your Future
  • Engage in Chicago and the World
  • Find Your Calling
  • Lead with Values
  • Reflection


  • Build your relationships.
    • Continue to develop and expand mentoring relationships within the University and with professionals outside Loyola, including the use of your robust LinkedIn profile.
  • Expand your horizons.
    • Prepare to engage more actively as a member of a pluralistic community and to demonstrate cross-cultural competence both in and out of the classroom.
  • Apply your skills.
    • Become more involved in your education by asking about and applying what you are learning in different settings.
  • Finish your studies.
    • Complete academic degree requirements and act on career or graduate school plans.
  • Tie it all together.
    • Synthesize and apply your knowledge through your capstone course, research, and independent study.
  • Help those around you.
    • Formulate a plan on how you can give back to the community.
  • Find time for reflection.


  • Complete 120 credit hours, including 45 credit hours at Loyola.
  • Enroll in your 16-week Engaged Learning Experience capstone course, CPST 397.
  • Update your resume for employment search or grad school applications.
  • Put the finishing touches on your portfolio, making sure to include your updated resume.
  • Discuss post-graduation plans with faculty, advisors, alumni, and mentors.
  • Apply for and attend the graduation dinner celebration and commencement!

Reflection Questions

  • How have you grown since you completed your Loyola admission application?
  • How are you applying knowledge gained to create meaning post-Loyola?
  • How are you integrating the knowledge, skills, and values learned to lead an extraordinary life and to set the world on fire?‌