The BA in Applied Psychology comprises 120 credit hours. Courses are offered in an 8 week session format with online and evening options.

Major Courses (36 credit hours)

Effective Fall 2021

PSYC 101 General Psychology
PSYC 304 Statistics
PSYC 306 Research Methods
PSYC 275 Social Psychology
PSYC 362 Industrial/Organizational Psychology
CPST 322 Strategic Communication Tools for Applied Psychology
CPST 320 Program Evaluation
PSYC 373 Health Psychology

Students will choose either an Organizational Track (12 hours)
CPST250 Foundations of Organizations
CPST 350 Human Resources
CPST 380 Leadership, Culture and Ethics
PSYC 338 Psychology of Personality

Or a Counseling Track (12 hours)
PSYC 273 Developmental Psychology
CPSY 423 Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy
CPSY 433 Multicultural Counseling
CPSY 424 Career Development and Counseling

SCPS Courses (9 credit hours)

CPST 200 Introduction to Degree Completion
CPST 201 Civic Identity and Development
CPST 397 Capstone
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Core Requirements

The number of hours remaining toward Core requirements can vary due to transfer credit. Learn More

Mission Specific Requirements

Mission specific requirements can vary from 0 to 15 credit hours based on your prior credit. Learn More

General Elective Requirements

Students may have some general elective coursework to complete if their transfer credit and remaining required hours (Core, mission specific, major, etc.) do not total 120. Learn More

Course Descriptions

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Course Rotation Schedules

Please use the course rotation schedules below as a guide to plan out when you will take future classes. We will make every attempt to adhere to this schedule but please understand that scheduling is subject to change.

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Course Rotation Schedule - Certificates

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Course Rotation Schedule - Core

Course Rotation Schedule - Graduate Programs

Program Outcomes

The BA in Applied Psychology program offers adult learners training in the scientific study of human behavior, emotion, cognition and motivation.  Individual, organizational, and global problems require innovative solutions based on psychological research on what motivates people to change. Moreover, robotics and increased automation will place increased demand for employees who are adept at systems thinking to address the complexity of human behavior. The Applied Psychology Program is designed for those seeking occupations that focus on the application of psychological theory and methods to promote creative, evidence-based problem solving, critical systems thinking, cultural agility, and persuasive communication.  Career Pathways for the psychology major include the helping professions such as counseling, human resource management, industrial-organizational psychology, the persuasion sciences and psychometric and statistical analysis.  

Students in this program will be able to:

  • Apply psychological theory, scientific evidence, and cultural agility to solve individual, interpersonal, organizational and social problems
  • Analyze key dynamics in human behavior, cognition, emotion, and motivation
  • Apply psychological systems theory to analyze complex systems, identify key dynamics, and leverage change
  • Develop strategic communication skills employed in behavioral science
  • Design evaluation to assess the impact of interventions and programs
  • Evaluate quantitative and qualitative data to discern meaningful patterns
  • Communicate evidence-based recommendations persuasively to multiple stakeholders
  • Describe ethical and pragmatic constraints of applied research on people