SCPS Courses (9 credit hours)

CPST 200 Introduction to Degree Completion
CPST 200 prepares newly admitted SCPS students for success at Loyola. During this course students will map out a plan to graduation, explore their non-traditional credit options, complete writing intensive assignments preparing them for writing in future classes, and receive a thorough exposure to university resources.

CPST 201 Civic Identity and Development
In this course, students will examine their interconnected identities as engaged professionals in their communities using a variety of frameworks. They will learn to leverage the assets of their communities to enact positive change while also leveraging their own assets to grow as individuals. This course will also prepare students for the design and execution of the SCPS portfolio and capstone project later on in their academic program.

CPST 397 Capstone
CPST 397 satisfies Loyola's Engaged Learning requirement. Students will research a problem within their community, conceptulize solutions and develop a solution as their service-learning project. Within this project, students will synthesize and apply knowledge from prior courses. Course content also includes an analysis of leadership challenges and values-driven leadership.