The B.A. in Strategic Digital Communication comprises 120 credit hours. Courses are offered in an 8 week session format with online, evening, and weekend options.

Major Courses (30 credit hours)

COMM 175 Intro to Communication
COMM 200 Communication & New Media
COMM 210 Principles of Public Relations
COMM 213 Digital Foundations
COMM 261 Social Media
COMM 275 Web Design and Usability
COMM 290 Branding and Positioning
COMM 318 Public Relations Writing
COMM 360 Digital Media Ethics
COMM 363 Research Methods in Ad/PR

SCPS Courses (9 credit hours)

CPST 200 Introduction to Degree Completion 
CPST 201 Professional Identity and Development 
CPST 397 Capstone
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Core Requirements

The number of hours remaining toward Core requirements can vary due to transfer credit. Learn More

Mission Specific Requirements

Mission specific requirements can vary from 0 to 15 credit hours based on your prior credit. Learn More

General Elective Requirements

Students may have some general elective coursework to complete if their transfer credit and remaining required hours (Core, mission specific, major, etc.) do not total 120. Learn More

Course Descriptions

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Course Rotation Schedules

Please use the course rotation schedules below as a guide to plan out when you will take future classes. We will make every attempt to adhere to this schedule but please understand that scheduling is subject to change.

Course Rotation Schedule - Majors 

Course Rotation Schedule - PLST Major Only

Course Rotation Schedule - Certificates

Course Rotation Schedule - PLST Certificate Only

Course Rotation Schedule - School Requirements

Course Rotation Schedule - Core

Program Outcomes

The Strategic Digital Communication BA is designed to provide students with a foundation in Communication, PR, Branding and Positioning, Advertising, and Communication Ethics, all applied specifically to the digital and social media realms. This program will provide coursework encompassing communication literacy, digital media production, PR plan development, social media engagement, integrated digital campaigning, web design, web usability, digital advertising, PR research, and new media ethics.

Students who complete this BA can attain broadly transferable, marketable skills to be applied to their current jobs, advance their careers, or to enter the fields of Digital PR and Social Media Management.

Students in this program will have the opportunity to:

  • Look at communication through a critical, historical and theoretical lens.
  • Use audio, video and digital tools to research and produce essays, projects and presentations that analyze the impact of technology on communication
  • Review the roles and practices of the digital public relations professional and develop PR plans.
  • Demonstrate elementary knowledge of digital communication tools, and a practical understanding of how to create content across a wide range of media platforms.
  • Articulate how the Internet and social media has changed the way we produce and consume content and how social media has affected the way we work, shop, and interact online and off.
  • Explore the design and usability of websites from several perspectives: how they look (aesthetics), how they work (navigability and usability), and how they are made (tools and software).
  • Develop competency writing and editing news releases, pitch letters, fact sheets, public service announcements, newsletters, and Web content to develop a portfolio of individual writing samples.
  • Learn about classical ethical theories and current ethical issues in the digital landscape.
  • Learn the research process and how to apply it to establish, build, and evaluate Ad/PR strategies, goals, and campaigns.