Computer Science Certificate

This 9 credit hour, concise certificate program focuses directly on what is needed to enable students to begin a career in the field or to prepare them to complete a Master’s Degree in Information Technology or Software Engineering.

Students will develop a thorough understanding of the principles of object-orientation: abstraction, delegation, inheritance, and polymorphism; exposure to basic design patterns; and programming experience in mainstream object-oriented languages such as C++ and Java.

Although students do not need a background in computer science or programming to complete this certificate, the courses are rigorous and intensive.

Total Number of Courses 3
Total Number of Credit Hours 9 credit hours
Start Term
and Time to Completion
Students can start this certificate in either Fall I (August) or Spring I (January) and have the option of finishing within one semester (4 months).

Fall I (start August, finish December): Students will be taking COMP 170 in Fall I and COMP 271 and CPST 342 in Fall II.

Spring I (start January, finish May): Students will be taking COMP 170 in Spring I and COMP 271 and CPST 343 in Spring II.
Schedule Format Courses offered in 8-week sessions in an online format with evening meeting times.
Transfer Credit Accepted Toward Certificate None
Course Locations

Online with weekly synchronous meetings held in the evening

Application and Admission Requirements

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Being a Loyola student puts you at a unique advantage to further your education beyond your undergraduate degree. At the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, we know that our students are ambitious and determined, and we strive to provide the best access and guidance as they pursue the next big thing.

Below are the SCPS-specific guidelines outlining the accelerated pathway from Computer Science certificate to a Master's degree from Loyola's College of Arts and Science.

Pathways to Masters in Computer Science (PDF Download)

Certificate Requirements

  • COMP 170 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
  • COMP 271 Data Structures: Algorithms and Applications
  • Choose Third Course:
    • Software Engineering Option – Students who do well in COMP 271 are encouraged to complete the Software Engineering option and complete:
      • COMP 313/413 Intermediate Object-Oriented Development (pre-requisite: COMP 271)
    • Information Technology Option– Completion of a project management course will provide a good transition for students interested in the MS in Information Technology (choose one course):
      • CPST 349 Project Management (pre-requisite: CPST 250), or
      • COMP 377/477 IT Project Management (pre-requisite: COMP 271)
    • Web Option
      • CPST 342 Introduction to Web Application Development
    • Mobile Option
      • CPST 343 Software Development for Mobile Devices

Program Outcomes

The Computer Science Certificate focuses directly on what is needed to enable students to begin a career in the field or to prepare them to complete a Master’s Degree in Information Technology or Software Engineering.

Students in this program will be able to:

  • Ability to take a problem, break it into parts, specify algorithms, and express a solution in terms of variables, data types, input/output, repetition, choice, arrays, subprograms, classes, and objects; ability to judge a good program.
  • Students learn linear data structures and the performance of their operations, and they learn to solve simple computational problems by designing suitable algorithms and efficient data structures.
  • Depending on a student's third course selection, they will gain exposure to software engineering, project management, web application development, OR mobile device software development.

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