Frequently Asked Questions

How much credit can I transfer?

The use of transfer credit can vary. Transfer credit can be applied for most certificates but keep in mind, for smaller 3-course certificates, you may need to take additional coursework to earn the 9 credit hours required to earn the certificate.

Will I have to complete pre-requisites prior to starting my certificate?

In some cases, yes. Please refer to curriculum provided for each certificate to confirm if there is pre-requisite course work that needs to be satisfied prior to beginning your certificate. For those certificates that require pre-requisite coursework, transfer credit can be used to satisfy these requirements.

Can I complete a certificate with my degree?

Students working toward their B.A. within the School of Continuing & Professional Studies have the option of completing one of our professional certificates while they are working toward their degree. For these students, if they have general elective credit to complete, the certificate is a good option to both satisfy this requirement and to earn an additional credential.

As a certificate seeking student what resources are available to me?

You are a Loyola student and therefore have access to the same resources as other students.

Some examples of these resources are:

What is my next step if I’m interested in completing my certificate at Loyola?

Contact us at or 312-915-6501 to schedule a meeting with one of our admissions counselors.